In this episode of ADOPTION NOW:

What to expect on Season 5 of ADOPTION NOW.

Host April Fallon is here to share the exciting, heartwarming places that season 5 of ADOPTION NOW will take you!

When looking back at the origins and inspirations for ADOPTION NOW, April reminisces about the extremely uplifting story of her first adopted child, AJ.

Shortly after April and her husband Noah got the call about AJ, doctors told them that he might never walk or talk due to medical complications.

April wondered if the little boy they were falling in love with would ever be able to say ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’.

After weeks, test results came back and AJ was completely fine. It was a miracle!

Through the excitement and fear experienced, April and Noah captured this incredible story in the very first episode of ADOPTION NOW. And the rest of the show was built around the absolute joy, love, and learning experiences that adoption can bring parents.

Since then, April has talked about their adopted children, the wisdom and experience they have gained over the years, candid commentary of their struggles, and their overall adoption journey so far.

Throughout the first season, ADOPTION NOW provided a platform for parents to share their experience with infant adoption, international adoption, and the foster care system. And to end the first season on a huge surprise, April and her husband Noah got a call about adopting a biological sibling to their daughter.

“By the time we started season 2, we were a family of 6! And we got to share our journey and bringing home our new baby in real time on the podcast.”

By the time the second season rolled around, ADOPTION NOW had an international audience. April told the story of the first blind man to climb Mount Everest and his adoption of a Nepalese son.

In addition, the guests of season 2 have ranged from an adoption therapist who worked with children and trauma, to how much of a blessing it is to adopt a child with Down Syndrome through the story Heather Avis shares.

And as applications grew, so too did the breadth of the stories that were told. As April has stated in the past, the wider the range of stories that are told, the stronger and more educated our community grows.

From adult adoptees searching for their birth parents, human trafficking, financial topics, red flags that a lawyer or agency may be exploiting you for money, ADOPTION NOW has represented over 21 different countries on the show!

Now, as the fifth season of ADOPTION NOW kicks off, our adoption community is only growing stronger. Come and join our ADOPTION NOW movement and get excited for everything that is in store for season 5!