S2E9 Renee’s Adoption Story from China and Guatemala

S2E9 Renee’s Adoption Story from China and Guatemala

In this episode, we are so excited to feature Renee Hettich’s story. She shares with us her experience adopting four children internationally – one from Guatemala and three from China.

Renee shares how none of the four adoptions went according to plan. There were undisclosed health difficulties, developmental delays, and a host of other issues. She knows better than most the challenges of adopting internationally. But she also shares her joy in raising kids who may otherwise have been stuck in the terrible conditions of an orphanage.

She gives us some tips on why you should be doing as much digging on your own as possible, asking as many questions of the agency as possible, and some insight into what she’s learned from the four adoptions and her life since.

Renee is also the author of “My Kid’s Know More Than Me,” where she details 15 of the most important lessons she’s learned from her kids so far.

In this episode:

  • How the adoption process works in China, including wait times and costs
  • Why you need to keep asking questions of your agency and pressing to find as much as possible out about your adoptive child before traveling around the world to meet them
  • Some of the risks of adopting internationally
  • Is it important to have multiple kids of the same ethnicity?