S2E8 Andra and Chung’s Story

S2E8 Andra and Chung’s Story

One of the realities we face as adoptive parents is the fact that as a result of the situations our adopted children came from (often situations that created the need for adoption in the first place), there are often developmental challenges that they, and we along with them, must work through.

In this episode of ADOPTION NOW, Andra shares her and her husband Chung’s story of adopting their daughter Corina, a two and a half-year-old from the foster care system with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

While adoption is never straightforward or easy, developmental disorders and trauma add a whole new level of complexity into the lives of adoptive families. Andra shares the struggles that she and her family experienced and how they were able to work through them with Corina to give her the life she deserves and help her bond with the family.

As a citizen of Canada, Andra provides some insights into the Canadian adoption system. She also shares how her biological sons initially struggled to accept Corina as part of the family and how Corina’s had difficulty attaching to Chung.

In this episode:

  • Some of the challenges unique to children with FASD
  • How Andra and Chung helped their biological sons adjust and work through the addition to their family
  • Why you need to open up and allow yourself to ask for outside help, and why that does not make you a bad or unfit parent
  • How Chung was able to bond with Corina after 6 months of her not attaching to him