S2E6 Beverly Boerner-Reynolds’ Story

S2E6 Beverly Boerner-Reynolds’ Story

For many of us, when we think of the adoption process, we immediately think about the huge financial cost of going through the process. We might have adopted in the past and are looking to add to our family, or maybe we’re looking to adopt for the first time; either way, the cost can often make us think twice about following through, even if we know it’s the right decision for our family.

Beverly Boerner-Reynolds is an author and adoptive mother from Texas who found herself in that exact situation. Her husband and her knew they wanted to adopt, but after researching various agencies, they just couldn’t find a good fit for them. So they got creative and started looking for other options.

They ended up settling on a facilitator rather than an agency, and took on a lot of the leg work themselves. The result however ended up in a beautiful adoption story and a strong relationship with their child’s birth mother that continues to this day. Beverly and her husband are the perfect example that there are alternatives to the agency model, if you’re willing to look for them.
After experiencing both the love and difficulties that adoption can bring, Beverly encapsulated her experience by writing and illustrating a book for adoptive families, Here and There, Loving You Always.

In This Episode:
-The importance of finding out what’s right for YOU in your adoption process
-Advantages and disadvantages of going through an agency vs a facilitator
-How to structure the first meeting with a birth mom when traveling to meet her so that everyone is comfortable.
-Why YOU need to personally talk to the birth mom rather than just allow the agency to communicate with her
-Ideas for what to give your birth mom as a gift