S2E5 Natalie and Stephen’s Story

S2E5 Natalie and Stephen’s Story

Remember how it used to be so embarrassing to tell your friends, family, and acquaintances that you met your significant other online? Well, imagine the reaction you’d get when telling them you matched with a birth family through Facebook.

It sounds crazy, right?

Believe it or not, as the adoption community grows, more and more placements are happening as a result of Facebook groups and online communities. Noah and I found one of our birth mom’s through one of these groups, as did today’s guest, adoptive mom Natalie.

By doing some of the leg work in finding a match yourself, you can often get a discount from your agency (although that can vary), and can sometimes speed up the process of finding a birth family.
In this episode of ADOPTION NOW, Natalie shares how her and her husband, Stephen adopted their daughter from a birth mom whose mother they initially connected with on Facebook. Now the birthmother is pregnant again. Will they choose to keep the siblings together?

In this episode:
*How finding a match on your own can get you a discount from your agency
*How to understand and accept birth moms who are continually placing children
*Dealing with situations where the birth parents want to name their child but you would like to choose a different name
*Some of the benefits and drawbacks to using online communities to find a birth parent