S2E4 Annie Peguero’s Story

S2E4 Annie Peguero’s Story

For over 40 years, all Annie Peguero knew about her birth family was that she was born in Greenville, PA, and that she had Italian blood in her.

Although her adoptive family loved and supported her throughout her life, she went through some tough times in her high school years and throughout her 20s, where she felt embarrassed and ashamed of being adopted.

When Annie reached her 30s she started to see some of her friends were struggling to have kids and she wanted to speak on adoption but couldn’t. After she met her husband, she was finally able to come to terms with her adoption, and soon began thinking more about where she had come from, and who her biological family was.

So, on her 42nd birthday, Annie put out a Facebook live video, asking for help in reconnecting with her birth mother, if for nothing more than to thank her for carrying and giving birth to her. Within two hours, she had a response, but there’s a whole lot more to the story than what we might expect.

Listen to the episode to hear the rest of Annie’s story!

Do you have a story about you, your child, or someone you know reconnecting with a biological family? We want to hear about it!

In this episode we talk about:
*Why it’s important as adoptive parents to empathize with birth mothers and what they are going through during and after the placement
*Some of the happy quirks and coincidences that so often arise when biological families are reconnected
*How there is so much more to a biological families history, backstory and reasoning for placing a child than the story we often jump to