S2E3 Ashley Mitchell – Big Tough Girl

S2E3 Ashley Mitchell – Big Tough Girl

Ashley Mitchell is a past guest on Adoption Now and founder of Big Tough Girl.

What originally started as a blog to help her move through the pain of her own child placement 11 years ago has grown into a community offering support to women struggling with everything from child placement, abuse, cancer, divorce and more.

Today, we talk about why adoptive parents need to look beyond themselves and understand where birth mothers are coming from and what they are going through in the wake of a child placement.

We also discuss how to go about having an open and honest discussion with birth parents about boundaries and expectations on both sides.

Adoption is never as straightforward a process as we might like, and the only way to help everyone involved move forward and thrive is through open – and often painful and challenging – dialogue.

In this episode:
*Why open and honest communication is essential for the wellbeing of all parties involved in an adoption
*How an open/closed adoption can change over time, and why this is a good thing
*The importance of knowing as much as possible about your child’s birth mothers, family history, etc
*Some of the changes we advocate for agencies to make in terms of post-placement care and support