S2E2 Victor Mitchell

S2E2 Victor Mitchell

One of the tools we always encourage adoptive parents to use when they hit the inevitable roadblocks in the adoption process is your local and state representatives. The adoption process varies so much from state to state that it can be hard to know your rights as an adoptive parent.

Since starting ADOPTION NOW, we have heard countless heartbreaking stories of state laws (especially here in Colorado) allowing birth parents to come in months after the adoption and reclaim a child who has already bonded with their adoptive parents.

I met today’s guest on a flight out to Florida during the last minute adoption of our youngest daughter. I had no idea whether I would be able to take her home with us, and I was not in the best state of mind when my seatmate struck up a conversation. I ended up walking away from our short conversation feeling encouraged and inspired that Noah and I would be able to handle whatever the coming days would bring. What’s more, after hearing his story, I knew I had to have him on the show with us.

Victor Mitchell is a successful entrepreneur, served as a state representative for Douglas and Teller Counties, and is now a candidate for Governor of Colorado. No stranger to adversity himself, Victor started working at age 13 to help support his almost entirely blind and deaf mother, and started his first company at age 21. He’s also been touched personally by the power of adoption, his sister being both an adoptive and foster parent, and has watched and been moved by the ups and downs of adoption through her journey.

Today he joins Noah and I on the show to talk about the government’s role in adoption, how you can use your elected officials in your own adoption process, some of the issues he sees with Colorado’s laws surrounding adoption, and what he would like to see changed to make the process more streamlined for all parties involved.

Do you have any experience using your representatives in your adoption process? Get in touch and let us know how!

In this episode we discuss:
*The importance of knowing your state laws around adoption and how they will affect you
*Why a streamlined adoption process benefits adoptive parents, children, and our society as a whole
*How to keep our struggles in perspective when we’re going through the lows of the adoption process
*Some of the issues Victor sees with the way our government currently addresses adoption