S2E14 Michelle Madrid-Branch’s Story

S2E14 Michelle Madrid-Branch’s Story

Michelle Madrid-Branch is both an adoptee and an adoptive mom. She is an author, speaker, and global advocate for women and children.

Her book, “The Tummy Mummy,” was voted one of the top 25 adoption books for children. Michelle also wrote “Mascara Moments” and “Adoption Means Love.”

She understands adoption in ways that most others do not. As a toddler, she was adopted in the U.K., and then, in her teen years, she found her biological family. After getting married and giving birth to one biological son, she and her husband adopted two children internationally. They brought home a son from Russia and a daughter from Ethiopia.

Michelle shares her insights into the struggles and triumphs of adoption. She is truthful about her journey and inspiring in her message.