In this episode of ADOPTION NOW:

April Fallon and her husband Noah share their first story of adoption.

Host April Fallon and her husband Noah use this first episode of ADOPTION NOW to share their first adoption journey with their boy AJ.

It was not an easy journey by any means. Yet through it all, they found reassurance in their faith. And because of the challenges they faced, April and Noah knew they needed to connect to others through adoption:

“We decided to talk about our experience and to start a show that talked about adoption by telling other people’s adoptions stories as well as our own.”

Because everyone’s adoption story is different, ADOPTION NOW can only broaden our understanding of adoption. But even more than that, April and Noah see the show as a great place for people to share the adoption stories that are difficult to tell. By providing a strong support system for the adoption community, the show helps provide a place for people to be “encouraging, open, and honest,” as Noah says.

The show is also a great place for advice to be shared as well. April says that one of the most important aspects of the adoption journey is to be “in it to win it” with your spouse. But moving beyond that, April reminds you of the importance of God’s plan in your adoption.

April says that adoption is not just about bringing the baby home. There is also a lot of spiritual work involved as well. You are stepping in and changing the child’s destiny.

Going back to the beginning of April and Noah’s adoption journey, the two had been married for three years. Already having their hearts set on adoption, both knew it was time shortly after returning from a trip to Africa.

After interviewing multiple organizations, April and Noah found the right agency, did fantastic on their home study, and expressed their interest to adopt an African American boy:

“We told them we really felt like God had given us a vision of an African American baby boy. And they laughed and they’re like, well, you’ll probably wait about three years.”

Two weeks later, they received a call. One that would change their lives forever.

April received a call that there was a baby African American boy waiting to be adopted. When asked if she wanted to meet the baby, she replied with an enthusiastic “yes!” She was beside herself with joy!

“So we went to the hospital right away and we met him. We loved him from the moment we saw him and we left the hospital. They said, ‘you can come and pick the baby up tomorrow.’”

With what can only be described as a mad dash through Walmart, the new parents bought baby supplies, toys, formula… you name it. They weren’t even half aware of the stuff they were loading into their car, they just knew God had made the adoption a reality. And it was all culminating to a single moment the next day when they would take their beautiful baby boy home.

There was a catch though. And one that God would use as a test for April and Noah: April says they finished buying all of the baby stuff, and 0nce they get there, they were greeted by a very intense mood and atmosphere.

The doctors started to explain that the baby had a missing septum pellucidum– a very formational part of the brain. Without it, there was a large chance that the baby wouldn’t be able to see, hear, talk, or walk.

Still sure of God’s plan for them, and the overwhelming feeling that they were making the right decision. They took home their baby  and “prayed like they had never prayed before.”

A week later, an MRI confirmed that their son was missing his septum. And this was the time that April needed to fall on God’s help more than all. During the talk, April states that it seemed her mother had peace and that Noah had found peace, but she was still struggling.

Then God reminded her of the time she spent in Uganda working in orphanages and to trust him completely. Soon, April and Noah would name him Andrew Josiah, which translates to ‘strong warrior’. After their continual prayer and trust in God, tests results came back and his brain formation was perfect!

And to this day, AJ is a completely healthy, goofy, beautiful boy. A very definite sign that God was watching out all along, and he will direct your adoption to where it should be. You just have to trust in Him!

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