In this episode of ADOPTION NOW:

Sometimes a story comes along that makes you question the things you thought you knew about adoption.

THIS is one of those stories.

Laura is a birth mother from California who feels passionately about sharing her incredibly positive adoption experience.

After placing her child in an open adoption over three years ago, Laura is still beaming with joy about her open adoption process and the adoptive family.

She believes that not all birth mothers go through the same grief process, and she is sharing her story about her life-changing experience in the hopes that it will empower and inspire other women.

She shares how she and the birth father immediately connected with the adoptive parents, and why she decided to spend the first three days together with them and the baby after placement.

Laura feels she was meant to have a different experience in order to show people that there are other ways to process loss.

This episode offers a very inspiring and fresh perspective that proves everyone has their own story in the adoption journey.  

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