Adoption Gift



I’ve been in the adoption world for eight years now, with the past three of them spent interviewing families. Through this journey, I’ve learned adoption is a gift.

Adoption is a gift of life to babies by birth parents. It’s a gift of parenthood to those who want to become parents and a gift to children who are placed in forever homes.

Sometimes the gift of adoption goes beyond this and does something more.

During an interview with Brad Pearse, an adoptee from the Philippines, he explains that he was adopted because his parents wanted another child, but could no longer conceive.

Abandoned at birth, Brad almost died. His first family brought him to an orphanage and left him outside in the grass. They loved him enough to take him there but wanted to be anonymous.

Luckily, a security guard found this tiny three-pound baby and brought him inside. Brad’s life was saved and he was matched with a family in the United States.

International adoptee from the Philippines meeting his adoptive family
Brad with his adoptive brother

Brad shares how he arrived in the United States at Christmas time in a real Christmas stocking! He was a wonderful gift to his adoptive parents and older brother. This began his childhood in a close family who loved each other very much.

What Brad’s adoptive father didn’t know was that one day this child—given to him as a gift in a stocking—would, in turn, give him a gift that would save his life.

In Brad’s story, he needed his parents but he was also the very child they needed.

Brad’s father found out he had kidney cancer. It was clear he needed a transplant and his biological son wasn’t a match. He asked Brad if he would get tested. Although it was a long shot that an adopted son from the Philippines would be a match, Brad was willing to try.

The tests came back… and Brad was a match! He gave his adoptive father a kidney and saved his life.

Who could have guessed how much they needed each other?

This story is so amazing. I could see destiny weaving everything together – they were meant to be family.

It doesn’t mean adoption isn’t painful or messy, but perhaps the gift of adoption is the very gift you need. Opening your heart to an adoption story could be the greatest thing you’ve ever done.

Brad was able to give his father a gift no one else could give.

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