Ethiopian adoption of sibling group



What makes up a family looks different for everyone.

Through living my own and sharing your adoption stories, my idea of ‘family’ has expanded.

When my husband and I started our adoption journey, we had no idea that our family would grow beyond the kids we brought home. For us, family includes our children’s birth parents and their extended family. It’s also made up of many ethnicities and cultures.

Adoption taught us that family goes beyond blood and it is born in the heart.  It’s rooted in love and community instead of biology. 

It’s about serving each other and being open to unexpected connections and outcomes. Adoption can even weave families together that would not have been brought together otherwise.

When we met the Hopkins family, I had no idea about the personal influence they would have on our family. For Brian and Danna, family is 13 children: 4 biological, 5 adopted from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and 4 from Ethiopia.

When they shared their story on ADOPTION NOW,  I was amazed by their tenacity when fighting to keep biological siblings together. Their journey included adopting a little girl who was previously adopted by another family.

They were open and honest about the hardships they faced in bringing their family together.

By itself, this episode was so inspiring.

And, at the time, I had no idea it would bring my family together.

Months after the episode aired we got a call from our third child, Vivy’s, birth mother. She was pregnant again.

We were not in the financial or mental place to adopt, but I remembered how Brian and Danna fought so hard to keep sisters together. After a lot of prayer and support from the Adoption Now community, we decided to adopt Vivy’s full biological sister.

Baby Maliyah has changed our lives and the sisters are so close.

Our family grew in unexpected ways. THANKFULLY we didn’t stick to a preconceived idea of what our family should look like.

And now, we can’t imagine our family any other way.  

What does your family look like and how is it different from what you expected?

To learn more about the Hopkins family and listen to their story, check out the podcast episode here.