Adoption is. Connecting



I could write a book on this one!!!

Connection is so IMPORTANT in adoption. 

It’s not only about connecting to your child, but also with all the people you meet on the journey to bring them home.

Adoption is connecting to your children’s birth parents and learning how to support them.

It is also about the ADOPTION NOW community and how it has connected me with YOU!

But perhaps one of the most memorable connections I made was on the set of CBS Channel 4. 

I worked for CBS for seven years and had just started ADOPTION NOW as a radio program in Denver. I was recording my last on-camera shoot which was an interview with a woman named Liz from United Healthcare.

As was typical before an interview, we sat next to each other and made small talk. All of a sudden the station had technical difficulties.

The clock began to tick quite loudly as we sat in awkward silence… (you know, the kind where you can hear a pin drop.)

Then Liz asked if I did this full time? I told her no and mentioned that it was my last recording because I would be hosting ADOPTION NOW full-time. She asked what ADOPTION NOW was about and I explained it was a show focused on telling adoption stories.

She took a deep breath and said, “I am a birth mom.”

The awkwardness vanished as she told me her story. Neither of us could contain our tears.

Soon the technical difficulties were situated and we recorded her segment.

After the interview, we connected and she decided to tell her story on ADOPTION NOW. It was my connection with her that made me realize I was on the right path.

It showed me that I was called to share YOUR stories from the heart that shed truth and light on the topic of adoption.


She became pregnant by a man who did not want a baby. She hid her pregnancy from her family and chose adoption for the son she gave birth to. After placement, she ended up marrying the birth father. As their relationship unfolded, he abused her and she missed her son every day.

After many years, Liz
reconnected with her son

Eventually, she escaped the marriage and began to put all her energy into building a successful career. She knew in her heart she would one day see her son again and she wanted to make sure she was someone he would be proud of.

To hear the rest of the story and how Liz reconnected with her son, check out the podcast episode here.

For me, this story was so powerful in how her loss propelled Liz to want a better life.

Liz’s story made me cry, she made me laugh, and she was so real about her adoption experience.  I would’ve never thought that my last day at CBS would connect me to someone who would teach me about what a birth mother goes through in the days and years after placement.